2021 Liberty Pack REMASTERED

  • $300.00
  • $249.99

Customer Reviews

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Looks really nice!

I wanted to purchase this pack but dont have the money rn, but ive seen reviews and planning on getting it!

it awsome

it is awsome and best vehicle to spend on

10/10 Recommended

Before the release of this pack I had been watching it get made in the work in progress channel from the ground up. I was stoked with the things that Redneck Modifications included with this pack and knew I was going to spend whatever it took to get the pack. Besides the amazing quality of this pack I really loved the fact that modkits were equipped on every vehicle. This gave myself and others the opportunity to outfit our vehicles however we wanted. The pack also included high quality rims that fit on different vehicles within the pack, lighting templates, and much more which gave me the opportunity to make this pack how I wanted it to be. The vehicles are also amazingly optimized. If you are looking for a vehicle pack or maybe even just a few vehicles I would recommend this pack right here. This is by far the most advanced pack from any developer currently in my opinion and knowing Redneck Modifications, it's only going to get better.