First responders are the core of our nation. It takes bravery and courage to be on the frontline,
whether abroad or on the streets of our communities,
they are there at a moments notice to protect us from evil.

We are honored every day to be able to bring real emergency vehicles into the game space,
but our great first responders are out there doing the real work.

To honor our many customers, and members who are active duty, veterans, or first responders,
we partnered with GOVX ID to provide a easy, simple way to verify your government id's to get a permanent discount in our store of 10% off of any order.

Before checkout, in your cart you will see a button to
log in and link your GOVX ID account to get your discount. It will pop out a discount code for you to use.

This is the least we can do, and we thank you for all you do to protect us.