The 2021 Liberty Pack Remastered goes where no other pack has gone before.

Options that are second to none.

Introducing modkits, for ultimate customization, such as wheels, parts, and appearance packages.

Fully stacked with extras for part toggling such as lightbars, and other various parts.

Lighting template sheet with siren labeling to make it unique to your server.

The quality you expect from our team, multiple custom parts, and detailed touches, down to the wire, literally. 

Usability is at the top of our list. Things like the fully working spotlight, bikerack & bike attach script are just some of the many options included.

1 model, 100 combinations

With the combination of extras and modkits, the possibilities are endless. These vehicles are all capable of full stripdowns, to almost no equipment and lights, and full upfits to all the marked unit equipment you can think of, and tons of different combinations for all setups.

Realistic Fleet Setup

Like all of our fleets, we emulate real life department fleets. Most if not all departments around the country still have old units in the fleet. We have old units in this fleet such as the 2006 SUV , mid range units like the 2014 Sedan, and brand new units like the 2018 Truck.

Bike Rack & Script

Its not fun to just "toggle" a bike on and off, so we went a step further and include a intuitive bike attach script. When the bike rack is on, you can spawn your bike, ride it up, attach, and drive to your bike patrol location, detach, and ride on your way, for the most immersive roleplay.

What to expect.


The joys of revolutionary multi-function law enforcement vehicles are just at your fingertips. Make the move to quality and peak immersive roleplay for you and your playerbase.