Simple! Make sure first you are in our discord by clicking the "DISCORD" Button on our header. Secondly, go to your store account page, above your orders, you should see "Connect Discord" , press that button, authorize our bot to look for you, and then in 1-5 minutes, your roles will sync from the site to the discord and even vise versa if your a existing customer!

Using models in FiveM is at your own discression.

No, these models are paid content, and honesty is best policy, so usually direct messaging me about it we can work out some sort of payment plan.

More than likely a carcol id confliction. Go into your carcols file and look for siren id, and change that id to something over 1000 but something alot different than it is currently. Then go into the carvariations file and scroll down until you see siren id, make sure it matched the id before and change that to your new id.

Other people try to resell my content which are against the rules of course. All sales are done via our website here, and are not sold anywhere else. Make a report within our discord if you find any external source doing such.

Senior Customer is obtained after 6 Months of customership. You must have atleast one purchase in the past 90 days, and maintain that or your status can be revoked.

When you purchase the models it is your sole responsibility for the security of them If they are leaked and tracked back to you, no matter who you gave it to it is still your liability!

No, custom orders stopped in late 2018, and I have no plans to re open them. Im always open to project suggestions though!

No, we do not vouch anyone, we do not want to be responsible for other peoples actions.

At this time we do not do custom liveries, our Graphical members are only responsible for skins and various other designs for our company and products.

No, our community is focused around 3D Modeling and Vehicle creation for enthusiasts. We do not sponsor, partner, or endorse and Roleplay server.