Redneck Modifications was started in May of 2018 with the mission of bringing a real-life experience to the screen. Grand Theft Auto has been a realistic platform that has allowed us to be able to provide some of the realistic and most unique vehicles in the community. We pride ourselves on a unique and quality user experience for those who decide to use our content.        

With a record of countless successes, we have been able to grow our community and customer base to the biggest in the community, with over 1500 registered customers and 8000 community members.

We believe the sky is not the limit when it comes to vehicle mod creation. Stepping outside of the box is daily routine for us, as we provide some of the most standout, and "out of this world" (pun) content.


All of our content takes time. We pride ourselves to do unique, standout content that has not been done before. Scratch making a lot of our parts from the ground up, anything from controllers to whole fire trucks, we do it. 


We take multi-function to the extreme. Over time, we evolved our content to have many customizable features, such as extras, light templates, and even modkits for maximum customizability.


It doesn't end at vehicle creation. We show it off with some of the best video productions in the community.

Detailed Showcasing

We dedicate funds to make sure our showcases are professionally produced, and showcase all of the great features of our content for you to make the right decision.

100% Unique

We pride ourselves in fully unique products that no one else has done. There are many examples of this, more recently the Off-road Brush Trucks. 

All you need in one place

Upon purchasing, your link is sent, with all the files, scripts, or any other addons you need to use your newly bought content straight away!