September 2021 Newsletter

September 7th, 2021

Redneck Modifications LLC


Fall is here! With fall comes cool colors, cool weather, and spooky szn, and of course lots of new exciting stuff here at Redneck Mods! A bit late due to my own fault, but lets get right into it!

Project Outlook

The K9 Pack has been completed of course, if you haven't already be sure to check it out! Next up to bat is the Heavy Duty ESU trucks which are well underway, you should be seeing preview pics in the public previews channel soon and expect a release in about a week of all 3 sets of trucks. After that we will probably get into the Firetruck, or the next pack! 

Competition Results!

Our third month of our Monthly Competitions is in the books, and I have the results for both competitions!

For the purchase leaderboard, the person’s with the most purchases (total amount spent) in the month of September is-


  1. JackBurbage
  2. Reaper416
  3. ryanspivey50


Congratulations! I will be attempting to contact each of you soon to give you your prizes. Thank you for your unwavering support! The leaderboard has been reset for the month of August and the prizes are ready to be claimed!

For our general competition for the community, this month's competition was to submit your most realistic looking screenshot! This was another CLOSE,  heated race between the top contenders but we have a tally! The winners are-


  1. Flu with 54 VOTES
  2. Gene with 27 VOTES
  3. WildFire Gaming14 with 21 VOTES


There were a ton of submissions and I cannot thank you enough for your participation! I will be contacting each of you soon to give you your prizes. The channel has been reset and the new competition is posted on the forums!
September Competition!



As we move into fall, my favorite season, we will see lots of cool stuff coming. We are slowly but surely nearing the end of 2021 already. I hope you all are staying safe, happy, and healthy, and have a blessed month!