September 2020 Newsletter

September 1st, 2020
 Redneck Modifications LLC


Well, just like that, the infamous fall season is upon us. Hunting season, pumpkin spice everywhere, and of course, more up and coming exciting things happening at Redneck Mods, including the long awaited Patreon Page, exciting news about one of our partners, and much more, so let's kick it off!

The Official Redneck Modifications Patreon Page

After a long debate, opinion gathering, we have finally decided to launch our Patreon page! This will allow you to extend even more support to us while getting exclusive perks! You can check out the page in the #patreon channel in the discord, or at the direct link at:

Please make sure your discord account is LINKED to your patreon account if you plan to become a subscriber, thank you! Looking forward to everyone coming in, enjoying their perks and having fun!

Official Launch of Sonoran Software “Sonoran Servers”

It has been rumored for a while, but our great partners at Sonoran Software has launched another big part of their company- server hosting! They were kind enough to provide the showcase server for Patrons to use, and can offer you and your server great, quality server hosting along with their top grade CAD system you all know and love.

Of course being the great partners they are, they provided me with an affiliate link to give to you great which allows you not only to support them ,but myself also! If you plan to purchase one of their great VPS servers, use our official affiliate link at  , be sure to also use code “REDNECK” for 20% off your first month of your new VPS! 

Project Outlook

After wrapping up the infamous Ambulances , we are still on the “Big grind”. The long awaited NForce Pack will be started, possibly finished, this month. Lots of preparation and cool features will be jammed packed into this pack, and making it so you get even more for your money. This will by far be the best pack yet, so stay tuned. 

Post NForce Pack, we are looking at starting the also long awaited Fire Fleet. This will include an Engine, Ladder, And Rescue truck, possibly walk in.

I may also be able to squeeze in a few sets of DOT Rollback Tow Trucks with a full working tow system, if there is buffer room before or after any of those projects. As for now, that's all I'm ready to reveal until the next newsletter, the rest shall stay tightly locked in the vault….


This month has been our first “up” month since COVID affected us back in May. I'm glad to see the positive roll back, see us all go back to “chasing the bag” and getting better in our life. There's still more exciting things to come in the months and years ahead for Redneck Mods, and I hope you're as excited as I am for the future. Stay safe, Happy early fall, and see you next newsletter!