October 2020 Newsletter

October 3rd, 2020
Redneck Modifications LLC


Golly gee its fall. Cold, but not too cold yet. This is probably the most packed newsletter to date, containing some of the most ambitious changes in company history. Grab some Hot Coco, or GFUEL, and sit down and get ready to read your eyes out. You don't want to skip this one.

Upper Management Revamp!

Since being in business for close to 3 years now, we have kept the same basic and now outdated system of “Admins” and “Mods”. This has been clear lately to not only myself, but our partners, our dear members and supporters, that this system just is not working anymore. Things get confused, looked over, and our conduct has been lacking. I realized this needed to be fixed, and we grabbed the bull by the horn, flipped it over, and came up with a completely new, fresh, organized, and professional system of Administration that will be solid for years to come.  Here is a basic outline that you guys need to know.

Community Managers

Community Managers are now the top dogs. These handful of people take care of most if not all of the backend moderation and duties here at Redneck Mods. They have all moderation power and will take care of all bans and ban appeals. They are official representatives of the company, and oversee Discord Moderators and help out our great Partners if any moderation issues arise. This takes a load off the top “Head Developer” (myself) in having to go back and see why certain people were banned, kicked, etc.

With this, a whole new system of banning and kicking is now in place. All bans will be carefully considered and voted on between community management members, and the ban reason will be clearly listed. Said member who has been banned also has the right to appeal via 

This has been widely cried out that its needed and it is finally here. Once you submit your appeal, it will be carefully considered by the Community Managers and voted on ASAP. 

In summary, Community Managers are the folks taking all the brunt from the community. They are representatives of what we do, and are held to a high standard of conduct not only in the discord, but outside the discord in official situations. These are the best of the best, and i'm truly happy and glad to have each and every one of them. They are always available for questions and such and any questions about bans, someone who should be banned, or whatever else should be directed to them.

Discord Moderators

This title is self explanatory. These folks are the ones on the front lines in the discord moderating chat, making sure things don't get out of hand, muting, and kicking as needed. These people report to the Community Managers if any higher situation arises, and all in all just keep the peace and organization in the discord. These people are still held to the highest standard of conduct and are expected to conduct themselves in the most professional and helpful manner at all times. In short, these people are purely responsible for the integrity of the discord, making sure it is a clean place for all to reside and hang out, and follow and enforce all of our rules and guidelines along with Discords.
Support Team

The “Support Team” is a group of volunteer customers who will dedicate their free time as needed to the customer-support channel within the discord to help any customers with any sort of support they need. Anyone is eligible to apply at any time thru http://www.redneckmods.com/supportteam
You will get a fancy role separate from others in the discord, and a spot on the team page on the website. All applications are reviewed by the Community Managers, and the team is also managed by them as well. Looking forward to seeing who applies! 

This new system again is much needed, and we heard your cries for more organization. You spoke and we listened. We are ever growing and we have to evolve to the times. Thank you for your patience and I hope you guys like the new system, it should definitely be a big step up! 

NEW Patreon Perks!

As we roll into the second month of the Patreon Rewards Program, I have added an awesome new perk, which is Cash Back!

What is cash back you ask? Good question! Cash back is basically cash given back in sense every time you purchase. This is dictated by a baseline percentage depending on what tier you are subscribed too. Ranging from 1.5% to 5% , with every purchase you will get a certain % of the total of your purchase added back to your “account” as store credit to be able to use on any purchase in the future. You can save up and have enough to buy a few products for free, or use it on every purchase as your own little discount.  This system will become more sophisticated in the future as we move toward more professional and automated systems of purchases, but for now, we will be able to track them from any purchase after 10/03/20. This has been a idea for a while and i'm glad to finally pull the trigger, there will of course be many perks added in the coming months, but this is for sure a big one. I look forward to seeing you subscribe to our Rewards program!

Launching of the Official Redneck Modifications YouTube Channel!

You may have noticed the past few days that videos have popped up on our new Official YouTube channel! This channel will be run by our great Media Team and will feature all showcases and such for the future! Be sure you subscribe so you can see the newest showcases and products that will be featured on the channel! 


Be sure to subscribe, you wont regret it when we do a cough big giveaway soon cough, I mean, what?

Project Outlook

The juicy, meaty part, you all care about. Yes, the next and now active project is the 2020 SoundOff Signal NFORCE Themed Pack. Keep a close eye in the #works-in-progress channel for daily updates on the pack. If all goes well we should be able to release it this month, and of course a few days early for our patreon folk.

Post #packznz we are looking at a few projects, mainly the Fire Engines, possibly a mini K9 themed pack, Fire Squad trucks, and some more things. A Lot of those are up in the air but depending where the fire engines fall will depend when and if those few will be done this year. We also can't forget about the Fall Truck run which was voted on to be “Retro” themed this year, featuring older trucks with older style lighting.  That's all I got for projects as we near the almost end of 2020. Big things of course are coming for 2021! 

Discord Changes

A few notable changes of course, Role colors for the top were tweaked a bit after 1500 years of being the same. The Division Management role was removed as it isn't needed anymore. Some roles were renamed to be in compliance with our new management system and the Support Team role was added, which can be pinged and viewed separately in the list. 


To conclude this MONSTER of a newsletter, id like to thank you all for your continued support, patience, and suggestions as we move into a new chapter here at RNM. These new changes are exciting and should only allow more opportunity for better products and service for the same money. We look forward to hearing what you guys think, and oh yea SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Also, a little bird told me to be ready for a massive giveaway here in a few weeks. I mean massive. But you didn't hear it from me. ;) God bless stay safe and see you next newsletter.