May 2020 Newsletter

May 1st, 2020
Redneck Modifications


Well, Welcome! 5 Months into 2020 already and boy was April a big month. We officially opened the discord publicly again and have close to 2300 of you great beautiful souls in here now, so if you're new here, welcome! Let's get right into it.

Project Outlook

We will just jump right into the goodies with the good old project outlook. We are once again jumping into some new and uncharted territory here at RNM and we are starting on some fire vehicles for the next month! If you're a customer you have already seen what I've been brewing up, and there's much more to come! Those being Brush Trucks, Command Vehicles, maybe even EMS stuff!

There will also be some cool LEO stuff up and coming very soon, I'll be sure to mix the content up a bit. The DOT content was a great success and I will be sure to do more in the future including the promised utility beds! Also more tow trucks soon :)

Going Public, again.

As we all know, the discord launched publicly a week ago today. Over that time we gained close to 2000 new faces in this discord. I would like to formally welcome all of you, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the conduct we expect you to have when participating in the discord. Besides that, spread the word and have fun!

2 Years in business

On May 17th we will be celebrating the official 2 year anniversary of the company! Stay tuned for exciting announcements that day and activities! 

Website Status

The Redneck Mods website Version 1 has been a great website for a long time, but as we grew exponentially, we also grew out of our site.  The design and functionality is a bit aged so it's time for something new and exciting. Very soon we will be launching Version 2 of the Official Redneck Modifications website! Packed with more features than ever before and with a compelling, modern design and feel. The release date is confidential at this time but you will find out very soon when it will be released, so stay tuned! Some great new and exciting things are coming forth!


It sure has been a wild month, we are closing in on over 600 customers already, the new customer growth rate has been astounding and i'm beyond blessed for all your support! Some big and exciting things are coming so stay tuned! Thank you all for allowing me to do what I love every single day!