March 2020 Newsletter

March 3rd, 2020
Redneck Modifications


Its coming to the home stretch of #packszn, and now 3 months into 2020! There's a lot of exciting things planned, not just products, but new systems in place too! Here's all you need to know that's up and coming.

2020 Code 3 Theme Pack Update

The Code 3 Pack is on the home stretch of completion. Keep and eye on the works in progress channel for constant updates. There has been hiccups and new things added along the way, with the new working spotlight being one. Expect pack release in the early parts of this month!

New Rewards / Senior Customer System

The Marketing Team is working tirelessly on a new system that will benefit all customers! This will be implemented this month (hopefully) as its full force ahead behind the scenes. Details will follow thru the month.

Sales & Nitro Boosting

I will be extending the celebratory sale of 40% off until the day of release of the Code 3 Pack! This date is unknown, but as soon as the ping for the pack comes out, that offer ends. Nitro Boosting will also render 15% off, this is permanent on all items that have been out for more then 2 months. Please note discounts do not stack.

Project Outlook

After the pack, you can expect the once delayed off-road utility vehicles, (UTV & a ATV) to be started, along with generic DOT trucks. Also expect some more SWAT stuff after those two, and that should lead us into the Second Annual Summer Truck Run! The list of trucks will be revealed the month prior to the STR.


Another great month, unfortunately no releases due to the Code 3 Pack taking longer then expected, but I'm trying to make it as perfect, detailed, and bug free as possible with 5 Phases of Quality Control Testing. Thanks for another month of fulfilling my dream and supporting me. You guys are my rocks!