March 2019 Newsletter

March, 1st, 2019
Redneck Modifications


Another month come and gone. It's been one hell of a February! Now that we are onto March, its newsletter time, let's start off with some good news!

March Sale

So there has been a lack of releases lately due to the Whelen Pack being worked on as the main project, which is 10 vehicles. I managed to squeeze out one release this month with the fusion. So to pay it back, all current customers will be eligible for a Buy 1 get 1 50% sale until the day the Whelen pack is released, that date is unknown but you can expect it this month.  SALE STARTS TODAY, March 1st. 

Project Outlook

As mentioned before, the work on the Whelen Pack continues. All sedans in the pack have been completed, and I’ve started on the 2013 Explorer. After the Whelen pack will include many things that have been planned for a while, such as the Durango as teased in #works-in-progress , a 2018 F-250, Federal signal / Valor pack, and the Boat pack. That's all I want to spill for now project wise. Please keep an eye for updates in the works in progress channel. 

Discord Changes

Changes are as listed;

  • #customer-announcements was added for customer specific sales announcements and what not. 
  • #about-the-hick was archived, will be replaced with a FAQ one day. 
  • #general-pictures was archived, merged with #memes
  • #memes channel was renamed to #memes-and-pictures
  • Voice channels were moved to the bottom of the list


That’s about all I have for the past month. I hope you all are looking forward to spring, and summer! There’s some big things planned not just for everyone in my discord, but collaborations between other modelers are coming soon! I appreciate the support this month even though it was dry release wise, and thank you all for the continuous love and support throughout the months with all of the leaks. I’d also like to thank all of my administration and moderation team for their constant work throughout each month to keep the train rolling. They do A LOT behind the scenes, please show them some love! Have a splendid month!