June 2020 Newsletter

June 1st, 2020
Redneck Modifications


Its officially Summer time! A bunch of craziness seems to still be going on around the world, The pandemic rages on, but we aren't stopping here! Lots of cool projects , stepping up projects in the ongoing Fire Pack, Summer truck run time, and much more!

Project Outlook

We have a lot of cool and exciting projects on deck here the next few months. Wrapping up the Battalion vehicles, the start of the “fire pack” , there will be 2 more surprise ones being released shortly , as the Brush trucks planned for this month are on a one week delay, but they still will be happening! There will be 3 old, and 3 new themed brush trucks. Post that, will lead us into the Annual Summer Truck run, there is a poll posted in announcements regarding that. Depending how far I get thru the brush trucks, that will then lead us into ambulances, a variety of those will be made and released as well. That then will lead us into #packszn with the next pack!

Expanding into new things

In the coming days and weeks of June, we will be launching 2 new exciting ways you can support Redneck Modifications. These will be announced as finished, and will be a fun, new , exciting thing to spice things up! Stay tuned!

Customer Update

After some time, Senior Customers have been updated! If you have not seen the announcement in Customer Announcement, please reference it to determine if you are eligible! There is also a new channel call #customer-suggestions , a place to post all of your suggestions for future projects you’d like to see.


Another crazy and great month here at RNM , your support does not go unnoticed and I'm truly blessed to do what I do daily! We are already halfway thru 2020 , lots of great and exciting things to come! Stay tuned as usual, and please participate in the 2 polls in Announcements! Thank you!