June 2019 Newsletter

June 2nd, 2019
Redneck Modifications


Hello! Newsletter time once again. This past month was a bit slow with some delays but we managed to keep the ball rolling with some projects and the release of the much awaited BMW R1200RT Bike! 

Project Outlook

As mentioned the work on the boat pack is now started full force. As a reminder this will include 3 boats, Small, Medium, and Large variants, and will be 30$ each or 80$ for the pack. 

I am also planning another truck run, deemed the “summer truck run” which will be the project to follow the boat pack. I will be keeping the vehicles on the DL for now but I can assure you it's trucks you've always wanted but never seen before in Grand Theft Auto. 

Discord Changes

Nothing much on the end of discord changes, but you can expect changes to be implemented throughout the month rather than all at once at newsletter time. I’m planning a overhaul of the listings channels, utilizing the discord developer options, and also making it easier for outside customers or friends of customers to view listings whilst not being in the discord. This will be implemented thru the month as mentioned. 

Major Changes IRL

If you haven't noticed May was a relatively quiet month. There was multiple days even a week at a time I was not on my PC or wasn't working on a project. The reason for this is because I'm preparing to do this full  time. Yes, this means quitting the farm that I own. I won't be fully “quit” but I will be a lot less involved, and this will be taking the place as my full time job. Over the past month I've been trying to essentially get all the ducks in a row so the transition is as smooth as possible. This transition will become official June 8th, the first day this will be my full time deal. I thank you all for this opportunity to do what I love! You all are amazing as usual.


To conclude, there wasn't anything major as mentioned but thank you all for the continued support throughout the over year i have been doing this. Enjoy your evening!