January 2020 Newsletter

January 6th, 2020
Redneck Modifications


Fashionably late to the first newsletter of 2020. 2019 Flew by didn't it? We hit some crazy milestones and lengths i could not imagine, and now we are onto another year to hopefully break more milestones, records, and make some more insane content. With the new year comes a lot of big, new, exciting things to announce and describe, so this newsletter is going to be THICC with information, but I highly recommend you read it all!

Introducing Redneck Modifications Development

The first, big, new exciting thing is the announcement of a new section within the discord, the Development section!
This section will be where I sell my Base Models that I use in my content, and any parts I make! These parts and bases will only be for sale to Customers & Trusted Developers. There will also be a document you must sign off on apon purchase of any of that content. All the Development Products can be found under the Development Corner Category in the discord!

Team Hiring Spree

With the Turn of the New Year I opened applications for the Team sections within Redneck Modifications. The following people applied and were appointed to said positions:

Design Team
Epic Gaming - Skin / Livery Design
E. Rodriguez - Skin / Livery Design
Limited. - Skin / Livery Design

Marketing Team
Messy Hands - Video Production
Skunkalicious - Social Media Management
Liberty - Screenshot / Visual  Production

Meta Team
Mr. Val - Basic Meta Contributions

I'm Super stoked to see what this set of new, fresh talent can bring to the table. All of these folks are very skilled and advanced in what they do, and will do great in the positions they were accepted too. 2020 is looking great for the Team!

We also had a couple of Administration & Moderation promotions, including-

DJCave- Promoted to Administration
NotCamSlice - Promoted to Administration
Laggo - Promoted to Moderation

New Faces, New positions, means a fresh outlook for the new year!
If you did not hear back on your team application, it means you were declined, but the next hiring spree you can re-apply if you'd like, do not take it personally! It was hard choosing a select few out of a lot of applications.

Project Outlook

Projects are going to ramping up immediately, we will be kicking of the new year with the Gruppe 6 Security Pack, 10 cars, 200$. Images will be posted shortly in the Works in Progress channel.

Following that will be some DOT / Public works things, Those are secret for now.
After that, Around February we should be moving into #packszn with the start of the Code 3 Pack, featuring the RX2700 & MX7000 Lightbars! I know a lot of you are super stoked for this, just as much as I am, so stay tuned!
Further out in the year will be kept secret, The normal Summer & Fall Truck runs will be around the same time as last year, so expect that as well.

Senior Customer ship

Finally, Senior Customers have been updated. There's a lot of new faces with the good ole' green tag, so there will be some special things going on for the Senior Customers to celebrate. Thank you guys for sticking around as long as you did!


Phew! That was long, but all useful! So excited to see what 2020 brings, along how these new changes go! Thank you all for your continued support, I am truly blessed each and every day to do what I love!