December 2021 Newsletter

December 8th, 2021

Redneck Modifications LLC


Tis the season! The last month of 2021 is here already and we are all gearing up for the most festive time of the year, and wrapping up 2021 as we know it (literally).  We still have some exciting things on the board to finish off the year so lets get into it!

Project Outlook

The Valor Pack Remastered has been released and it seems you guys love it! Super happy with how it turned out and you can expect another remaster in the near future (wink) . Right now we are full steam on the Utility Bed and Standard Bed DOT Trucks which you can expect to see this month.

Competition Results!

Our fifth month of our Monthly Competitions is in the books, and I have the results for both competitions!

For the purchase leaderboard, the person’s with the most purchases (total amount spent) in the month of November is-


  1. beaucaireliam
  2. PAC116
  3. MostChameleon


Congratulations! I will be attempting to contact each of you soon to give you your prizes. Thank you for your unwavering support! The leaderboard has been reset for the month of December and the prizes are ready to be claimed!

For our general competition for the community, this month's competition was to submit a screenshot dedicated to thanking our first responders. Another great race with great submissions. The winners are-


  1. Tyler G.  with 86  VOTES
  2. Will C.  with 82  VOTES
  3. Adrian.n.n with 81  VOTES


This is the last competition until further notice. We have plans to do something new for you guys to participate in and win! So for now this will be the last competition so be sure to participate below!




The holidays are here and next time I will talk to you all on this virtual document, it will be next year! So happy holidays, stay safe, give back, and see you next year! (badum-tss)