December 2019 Newsletter

December 1st, 2019
Redneck Modifications


Wow, the last month of 2019 is already upon us, as we are in full swing of the holiday (and hunting) season, there's a lot of wrap up things to do, including new expansions come 2019, and a good amount of projects for the month of December. As we wrap up the year 2019, and the second year in business, and see how ever growing we are, it is truly remarkable, lets hop right into it!

Project Outlook

Everyone's favorite, the project outlook! As we wrapped up the Muscle car “run” , we move into another abstract but pretty highly requested project, the Ford Raptor! That will be first on the list to tackle this month. I’d also like to possibly tackle a 2013 Tahoe V2, but take all of the suggestions into account as the current 13 Tahoe is aged and not up to par. Lastly, I’d like to fit in a UTV and ATV to finish out the Year, I got some really cool ideas for those. As for the future in 2020, there is some projects coming that are yes, non-law enforcement. I think that will be a exciting expansion into different types of models! You will see when it comes time what I have in store there. I have also been getting bombarded if I am going to make a 2020 Explorer, The answer is yes, but I’m currently waiting for a good base, which should be coming soon! Besides that, that's all I'm going to reveal for the time being, I think it will be a good wrap to the year!


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