August 2020 Newsletter

August 1st, 2020
Redneck Modifications LLC


The last month of summer has come upon us. Times continue to stay difficult for most, including myself, but we are chugging along still. We are living in a financial time worst then any economic crisis in U.S History, and Redneck Modifications is still here to survive. Here's what you can expect to come and some exciting news.

Team Changes

You will notice some new fresh faces to the Admin and Moderation Team. TheRealJosh & mathfeew have moved up to admins. Their work does not go unnoticed and I'm truly thankful for all of their work! They have taken to spots of DJCave and MDJDUFFY whom have moved on to their own endeavors. IceTheDev has also moved up to moderator.

We have also added a brand new addition to the Engineering Division, some great and well known talent around the development community, some of you know him as “Peralta” or “Matt-I-P” , Matthew Peralta is now the 2nd member of the Engineering Division! His talent will be great for our upcoming, ground breaking projects.

Team applications for the Technical Division and Graphical Division are now open! 7 days to apply!

Project Outlook

We have a packed full project list for the rest of this year. The ambulances are currently about to be pushed full throttle and be released early this month, with a working stretcher system via script.  Pack Season is also upon us, and will follow the previously announced SoundOff Themed NFORCE Pack. Those vehicles will be announced shortly. Following such, we will finally be getting into apparatus with the first fleet of Engines, including a fully working ladder truck and walk in rescue. Those specific fleets will be revealed shortly. We will have some undecided miss-match projects in between. There will be a big push the rest of this year to release new content due to the COVID-19 Impact which has been felt throughout the company. We will get thru!
New Payment Methods

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see another payment method added, that being Cryptocurrency. We will be accepting Cryptocurrency payments here at Redneck Modifications. I will also be working to expand Credit, Debit, and Gift Card exterior payments through PayPal if you do not have a account.

GPM Marketplace

For those interested, mathfeew took the time to add our entire store to the GPM Marketplace to expand our outreach for new customers. As we approach the mighty unheard of 1000 customer mark, the free release is upon us. Feel free to spread the word that our products can now be bought via GPM Marketplace thanks to mathfeew! You can also join our GPM Group for a little bit of collaborative fun.


It may not have been our highest month of sales, but it's totally understandable due to the pandemic seemingly not letting up. There is a poll in the announcements channel that I would like you all to answer if you could, this will give me an idea on the impact it will have on the company as we go forward. Nonetheless, as we go forward, we will get out of the cloud and be able to say the company survived the biggest economic scale in U.S history. As they say, a lot of great businesses were started and thrived during and after economic crises. I'm truly thankful for all of you and we are less than 80 customers away from 1000 customers! Truly insane and blessed. Your support does not go unnoticed!


stay safe and wash your hands