April 2021 Newsletter

April 5th, 2021
Redneck Modifications LLC


Spring has Sprung! After a long hard winter for most of the population, unless you live in Florida or something, Spring means things will be ramping up here at RNM, and it means the federal government will be coming to look for your taxes. April is a weird month, but lots of new faces, great talent, and even greater projects in line. 

Project Outlook

It’s been busy in the backend. We have finally completed the 3 month long Skeeter project, ending with the 6x6 Versions. They will be released in about a week or so, awaiting a pretty epic showcase for them :eyes: . The F150 release from Georgie was timed perfectly to the day of us completing the 6x6’s , so I got right to work on it.  The F150 Battalion should be released today, of course with fully functioning modkits options and extras, along with the latest and greatest in parts and bases.

The Whelen Pack 2.0 is on the chopping block. This pack will more than likely take until early May, so we were prepped well with the 6x6 and F150 Release this month to cover. This of course will be the best pack yet, with the most options, highest quality, new bases, and best bang for the buck. Post that we should finally have our fire fleet which is being done from the ground up in-house, that’s why it’s been taking ages, but the wait will be worth it.


Short n’ sweet this time around, May will be our 3 year anniversary and we have a nice surprise with a big change to the company. Stay tuned for that. Once again thank you for all the support, We are truly blessed. Stay safe and healthy and see you next month!