April 2019 Newsletter

April 2nd, 2019
Redneck Modifications


Well another month come and gone, Welcome to April! 

Yes, the newsletter is a day late. If you haven't heard already, I'm slowly recovering from a nasty stomach bug that cleaned me out pretty damn good. There's some exciting things to look forward to as we move into a warmer climate here in spring and soon summer! 

Project Outlook

As we all know, the Whelen Pack was Finally COMPLETED Shortly before the months end! That was a 3 month long project and one of the biggest undertakings project wise that I have done. It was a lot of hard work, and testing by senior customers to make sure it was as perfect as possible on release. If you haven't purchased out of the pack, what are you doing with your life? 

Now that the project is completed, I'll be releasing the good ole' monthly project poll again as we are back on to projects that should not take 3 months (lol). The plan is to have at least 1 release per month.

Senior Customers

Yes, I will be updating senior customers this month. It might take a few days since there is a hundred of you to go thru. Remember the requirements of senior customer is:

- Be a trusted, long time customer

- Be a customer for 3 months straight

- No recent malicious behavior or investigations. 


Not much else this month, but I'd like to send my congratulations to our brother XBR410, for surpassing 1 year running his business, XBR410 Modifications. Great work from you and it's been a pleasure to work alongside you thus far, I'm so excited for the future! Anyways, I'm off, until next month!